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June 27, 2007



They all look great. The dresses not just the photos. ;) I can't wait for my dress! Love you & miss you & hope your flight wasn't terrible.


love the floral jumper dress- pattern info please! (they all look great of course)


wow, do i hear etsy shop opening by you sometime soon? you rock! I am so impressed. they look really cool and so unique. that 3rd dress is super flattering.

p.s. nice rock solid freaking abs on the last shot- you're a babe!


You have been busy! All very cute. I like the keyhole neckline dress. Is that a modified built by wendy 3835?
So are you back home now? I hope the transition back to normal life is quick for you. It always takes me a couple of days to get in the swing of things.


The keyhole dress is the Built By Wendy Pattern 3835, instead of the elastic tunnel I built it for the tie. I also left out the darts and made the body more straight.

The floral dress is a Very Easy VOGUE pattern that is very easy. The pattern number is V7871. If I were to make it again I probably would make it a size up, 12, or let it out a bit through the waist.


so cute alysha!


dang it, this makes me want to sew today so bad and i don't have time! such cute cute stuff. my fave is the white shirt with the pink striped inset- so cute! well, they all are so cute.


I will take one of each. I love them all!!! Great job, you are truly talented.

Bess Bauer

Hey Alysha,
I just came across your blog through Sarah and Jeremy Rice.
I LOVE those dresses. I need to get out my sewing machine.
I don't know if you remember me. I met you through Britney Poulsen years ago at Ricks and also through Derek George. So many random connections.

Michele Everett

Alysha, your dresses are just gorgeous! You're very talented dear! How is Utah?

Laura Suman

hey alysha - i am not sure if you remember me from byu days but i found you through a mutual friend. i love your blog. i also love all of the projects you've been doing. your little guy is a cutie too. congrats on everything. i'm so jealous you're out in nyc, i miss the east. take care and feel free to check out our blog


Where are the plunging V's?...last comment I swear


I'd love to know the pattern info for both floral dresses. These are lovely. Great job!


You did such a great job. They look so comfy and beautiful.


can i have the name of the pattern for images 6466 and 6460? thanks!


Image 6466 is pattern by Very Easy Vogue # V7871. (Floral dress)

Image 6460 is pattern by Built By Wendy for Simplicity # 3835 (Floral shirt).

The shirt is the easiest thing to make, it only takes a couple of hours!


Hi Just found your blog---LOVE IT. What pattern did you use for Image 6464. THANK YOU.


Image 6464 is actually just two pieces of fabric cut at 1 1/2 the width of my body, sewn together, and then smocked. For a smocking tutorial check out my post an easy gift idea.

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