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August 12, 2007


leslie barlow

This story became especially disturbing to me when you became pregnant and homeless, and yet this guy still managed to sleep at night knowing he was the cause of that homelessness, but those last pictures took the cake. I am shocked! I hope there were repercussions, I almost want to track him down myself.


Seriously! What a nightmare! I can't believe you went through all of that...pregnant even.


this is the saddest story i have ever heard!


Ugh. You should post pictures of your belly just to show not only that you were pregnant but HOW pregnant you were during all of this. What a nightmare this whole experience was. As I said then, yes, you were too nice. How you managed to live out of those suitcases for that long I will never know. Again so grateful for all your friends and for their most gracious hospitality. But YUCK to fricking all the junk Mr. Wrong left you with. Good grief.

Susan M

Wow. Just wow.


Holy cow. If this was me, I would have seriously had to fight the urge not to physically assault this man. I probably would have started this blog months before he moved out and did everything I could to publicize his injustice and smear his reputation among his friends and associates. Not very Christlike, I know, but holy cow...


Alysha, I cannot believe that you went through all of this while you were pregnant! I can't even imagine what that must have been like. I'm checking your blog everyday to read the happy ending to this awful story!!

A. Nonny Mouse

Yeah, honestly, I would have posted his name, rather than "Mr. Wrong" so that anyone googling him in the future would find the blog and realize what a dork he is.

Stephen M (Ethesis)

Bless your heart.


...and then bless your heart again. my jaw dropped and i gasped when i saw these pictures. you poor, poor things. makes me want to cry.

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