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November 08, 2007



i love salt water sandals. My girls wear them. Although...I'm not quite sure about them with tights. :)


that's a bunch of hooey.


oh my. they are wrong.


haha. I have one pair of SWS and i adore them. Most people i know would have to agree with NY Mag, I get strange looks and often get asked "where did you... get those?" when I wear mine. I have only had ONE person comment postively. i still wear and love them anyway.
Though I do have to side with Julia- I wouldn't wear mine with tights. :)


I like them with tights, obviously. Especially this particular color combination. Its my favorite!


that's crap. they're way too classic to be the ugly shoe of 2008. clearly, with my four pair i love them with all my heart. and i get positive comments at least every other time i wear them. INCLUDING when i wear them with tights! which i think is darling.


Well in defense of NY Magazine I feel as though I can say this because I am a size 10 (in feet) nothing is really cute in that size, so really they are only going after big footed people like me. And who knows, in 2008 you may agree with them, but in the mean time, continue to enjoy them because they look very cute on you & I'll join the "even in tights" team.


I must issue the disclaimer that although I told Alysha about the NY mag article, I in no way support their claim that the SW is an ugly shoe. I love my black SW sandals, and am mad about Worishofers, the ugly shoe of 2007. That said, I do not own Crocs or Uggs, the ugly shoes of 2006 and 2004 respectively.


I agree that sandal is way too classic to be ugly. I also own a old pair of navy ones and the color was peeling off so I had to get rid of them this past summer!


I especially liked how dansko clogs were #2 on the list. I own 4 pairs of them. And I love, love, love them.


honestly i think they look better with tights, because the less fashionable (mothers in law, preppy friends, etc) can tell that it was intentional.

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