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February 28, 2008



Hmm for some reason "Tara" isn't on that list. That's weird. And you also failed to mention how it was also necessary to have a big boy bed due to the fact that while Lukey can climb out of said crib he can not climb back in, thus he usually ends up falling asleep at the door. Unless Awesome Aunt Tara comes to the rescue and can wiggle her way in without squishing his fingers or toes and get him back in the crib. But that's not the point.

I think a solid red for the back would be good. As red is a good color and in fact was once the color scheme of the room he is currently occupying. Plus it's kind of a central color theme. I also think that the alphabet pattern would be cool, if you could find it again. But as you pointed out, or didn't point out, I am no experience quilter, or experienced, so I shall let some one else have their say.


I have really been into solids lately, as you probably have noticed. For the back, you could do a variant shade of one you are using on the front. And as for the binding, either do another solid, or pick one of the prints you already have. Also I think there is a new fabric line by American Jane called "Look and Learn" that might have some of the same print ideas as what you are already using. (I think its Moda) Good luck! It looks great.


Oh, one more thing. Have you been watching the latest America's Next Top Model? There is a girl on there that totally looks like you! Her name is Amis. Every time I see here it blows me away.


wow...love the bed, love the quilt. seems like you can't really screw this quilt up as you have so many great colors to chose from.


GREEN. GREEN. GREEN back, patterned bind.

so I know you wanted to move back to utah to be closer to family, but did you ever think it would be this much? See you again on Sunday!!


You know, I don't think you could go wrong with any color in that quilt top. Maybe you should ask Luke... which square he likes and go with that?

At two, Georges would have said, "GEEN". And that would certainly be my choice. :D


I recommend green for the back, and blue for the binding...just my two cents....-kb


Cute quilt, cute boy, cute bed. Where'd you find the bed? Love it.


How about a light blue binding (maybe with a very small print) and a solid navy blue back?

Either way, this quilt is so cute you can't go wrong.


Oh, I love this blog. It's almost as good as me being able to come over to your house in person and swap advice.

I think a solid for the back is almost too easy.. where's the fun in that? You know a solid will work.. but why not take a chance on something else? Like maybe a red background with big white dots (there's that Kaffe Fasset SPOT fabric, yellow background with red dots?) I'd bind that with something red.. Or that white fabric you have on the front with the yellow grid? That would be cute on the back too.. then I'd bind it with a solid green..

There's so many possibilities..
But it's going to be so so cute.

Maybe you've inspired me to pull out the quilt top I made for Cash last summer.. and actually quilt it!


What great fabric you have chosen for the quilt! Love it! I love your blog too. How are you guys? Where are you living in Utah now? We'll be there in April so we have to get together! Much love!


I'm for a solid green back. It looks like the only color that doesn't have a solid square on the front so in the interest of parity I think solid green is the way to go. (Why do I sound like a politician?) And I like the multi-color ruler fabric for the binding, but I don't know how wide it'll be, too much would be... well... too much. Another idea would be human hair like Chris on Project Runway... yeah... go for human hair!!!


I say green or blue for the back and the same for the binding. The front is so cute with so much character that I wouldn't want to distract from that.

BTW, I can actually sew straight lines and I even own my own sewing machine, believe it or not. :)


i'm with brooke. i think a not-too-much print on the back could be really good. although if you can't decide, a nice solid will be great- it shows the quilting a lot, which i always love. and for the binding, that all depends on the back, but i would avoid one of the fabrics you've used for the top- i feel like it draws too much attention to that one color in this kind of simple square patchwork quilt. . . in the end, whatever fabrics you choose, it will be great.

how's that for non-help? if i were there in person seeing your options, i swear i'd be much more helpful. can't wait to see the final product.

kelly mccaleb

i would do a print for the back and a dark solid for the binding.

but everyone likes it different!


Just wanted to say thank you so much for your blog! It's so great. I hope you don't mind I added your link on my new site! i started a blog b/c i was so motivated by everyone's great design blogs!



I love the idea of using a color that isn't already in the mix (navy, orange, chocolate brown, teal-green, dark green, grey) -- something that compliments the existing palette. Even using ticking stripes for the binding would be nice. And I like an interesting back (maybe you could do squares of solids on the back of varying sizes and colors?). And I love the idea of polka dots (big and small). Maybe you've already finished this sucker?! I think you will do a fabulous job, however you do it.

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