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February 26, 2008




feel better lukey.


poor guy! he looks even worse than i imagined when you were describing him. hope he recovers soon!

and sorry to hear about the fish. . .


Aw. I hate seeing my little guy sick. I hope he gets better soon. It breaks my heart when he signs 'hurt.' And I think we are all in mourning of the fish who we didn't even have long enough to give him a name. Sad.


Oh, poor, poor baby. That's so sad.

I don't know if Luke would like it, but warm compresses really help with pink eye. (if it's bugging him) I suffer from chronic dry eye, so I've had a few infections... the warmth really helps.


Nothing worse than a sick baby. You feel so bad for them! Feel better little guy! I can't wait to see the crafting projects :)


ohhh don't you just want to hold him and kiss him better?? that is a cool pic... well I know it's sad, but I don't have a single picture like that in my baby album.

Whitney Smith

Poor little Luke!


oh, poor kid...he looks so sad and yet so cute.

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