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March 07, 2008



i think you're up way too early, if i'm seeing this post, and i get to work at 6.

i think you can probably pull any cut off you want - love the cut on the left though.

and everyone in this state has that cold and it lasts for a really really long time.


You have always had great hair, and I've always been envious of that. I like the color choice and cut. I'm sure it will look great. Please post before and afters!

leslie barlow

Almost kicked yourself and the stylist, now that sounds like my last haircut experience. I'm sorry but I did not say, "Pick the least flattering haircut and color for my face and see what you can do." I too am 6 months grown out for the same reason. And it wasn't dollar cuts, I paid well over 100 for it and sent and un-sent my friends to the stylist too! SO funny though, I made a hair appt. for tomorrow with a new hair girl right before I opened up this post! It seems hair trauma is in the air. I think the chestnut will be gorgeous on you. Natural solid colors seem to be in now, which is so refreshing from all the highlights. And isn't this the stylist that worked her magic last time? I think you will be fine. Good luck! Sorry this is so long but you have described to a t my same feelings going into my appointment. It's nice to find someone as picky as me, I'm sure we could tell stories all day.


Blunt bangs for awhile then let them grow out a bit..give a lil trim where you need it and brush them to the side. 2 in one, do it!


Oh my word, is that the girl from the Urban Outfitters catalog? Every time that comes in the mail I tell my husband I want that hair cut! I even cut out a picture. How hilarious.


Hmm, makes me want to go brown those pictures all look so nice. Haircut? Um. I'm unsure. You put up such a beautiful picture of Alexis Bledel there that I it makes me want you to go for the thick bangs, but the maintenance on bangs are not fun. Whit might have a good point. And I'm sorry your cold doesn't seem to want to leave you alone. I wish it would.


my opinion doesn't matter, but I think chucky bangs looks best on someone with a square or very oval face shape. or maybe just a little bit of meat on their face. I feel like the lower half of your face has to be able to balence the chunky weight on top.

you have a thin face and chin chunky bangs on top might look too heavy. but the hair of the chick next to alexis bledel I this would be great.

food for thought either way I'll still think you are pretty :)


although you can get away with anything alysha

and who am I? definately not the hair expert.



i am sorry for some reason this post just struck a chord.


i've always wanted a haircut like the girl from the urban outfitters catalog. i don't have curly hair, so i couldn't pull that one off without having to put forth a lot of effort each day. ask your stylist. sometimes, it's best to know what the hair expert will say. especially if you trust their opinion on your hair.


Blunt bangs! Blunt bangs! It's such a great look for you. Can't wait to see pics.

Miss you guys here.


You sound like me when it comes to hair! Now for me personally, I can't do bangs. But, my friend just got her hair done and she got these really great BLUNT bangs and every time I see her I can't help but tell her how flippin' hot she looks. My vote is go BLUNT!


waiting for photographic evidence of your choice. Don't leave me hanging! :D


so did you get your hair cut? i didn't see you on SAT.


I am so sorry your still sick- I'm finally over mine- kind of. I love reading what you write Alysha! I finally had to sit down and catch up. I love that quilt you made, I have that ruler fabric too that I used for a kids quilt. The cake looked so wonderful I think I may have to give it a try, the shirt you made is amazing- I can't believe your craftiness! I love seeing what your sewing. And I hear you about the hair bit. I too haven't cut mine in, well since the end of the summer. It's totally crazy. I only wear it in a pony tail now. I always steal/tear favorite do's from the gym magazines. Can't wait to see which one you pick!


I am so glad to hear that some-one else has a folder devoted to haircuts...now daniel won't think i'm so crazy! one of my favourite sites is:
(difficult to navigate sometimes because it's Japanese, but try look for something called hairsnap)
good luck with the haircut!


I have only commented on a blog one other time but I'm just so antsy to see your new cut that I couldn't resist putting a little bug in your ear. Cough up some pictures already, tee hee. Anxiously awaiting the unveiling.

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