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March 25, 2008



1st comment. whoohoo I rock!
first of all. You forgot that Luke and Tom went to a family party and Luke got to Look at two Nemos in the Farr's fish tank.
eddie said, "tell dady who that is Luke."
Luke said,"nEMO" (capitalization added for his emphasis)

Then Luke went to play outside with Tania, Eddie, Thomas -2years(2nd cousin), and Thomas's 2nd cousin-2years (Tanner). It was really cute.........

well back on topic. I am glad you guys had such a fun weekend it's great to hear about your adventures. BTW-- ever since we watched Luke for the short time when we visited NY, he is like my favorite.
PS I like baby sitting.
PSS I know you are really busy, but Andy and I are dying to hang out with you guys. It's an annoying little sibling thing.


Hooray a BBW-3835 shirt turned dress! I was going to make one exactly like this too! Now I really need to get down to it! Thanks for the inspiration! And that matching tie is super cute.


sounds like you had a great easter and anniversary!
your dress turn out cute and I really like your shoes. this will sound weird, i am sure, but your legs look awesome!

kelly mccaleb

adorable adorable, in my favorite print, no less!


Alysha, can you please tell me how you made that tie? I wanted to make one for Cash to match the dress I made for Ruby, but started on it way too late and just gave up at about 1 AM.

Come on, help a girl out!


I'm glad you decided to make the dress (and wear the sandals.) Luckily it wasn't too too cold.


I knew the dress would turn out as cute as it did. I love Luke's tie also. I'm glad you were able to get pampered, you deserve it!


I love the dress and tie, so cute together! I listened to the song, so beautiful. I have never heard of him before, but I'm going to find out more about him. Thanks


you know sometimes i feel like i might need a break from the inspiration you are, so as not to go on overload.

and i love the eggs - i've been asking my mom to teach me to make those. (seems most mormon moms of the 70s/80s were making those) if i can't get her next year, i'll ask you.


thinking about making little ties for this baby boy makes me giddy- luke's looks great, as does the dress!

and hooray for the massage. i think tom needs to talk to chip. . .


You have great ankles Alysha!
Cute dress.


Lukey freaking loved that chocolate sucker. He would NOT put it down. It was hysterical watching him try to find eggs while carrying the basket while trying to eat lick his sucker. Every time he found an egg, he would put down the basket (not his sucker), and put the egg, in, sometimes getting the sucker dirty, and by the end he couldn't even carry the thing it was so filled with eggs, but never did he put down that sucker, he just kept on licking it. Too funny. And I know I'm late in saying it here, but I echo others when I say you look good in your dress (even if your head didn't come with it) and you did an excellent job on it. And as I've always said, you do have killer legs. Cute picture of you & Luke. Thanks for all you did that day. Words can not express.

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