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April 15, 2008



if you're trying to hook us in, it worked. can't wait for the etsy shop. beautiful dress. really cool.


hey my birthday is in about a month....


Ugh Alysha- you are so good!!! (That ugh was meant in a good way) Amazing. Seriously you would do so well with your own shop. I'm going to have to commission some maternity stuff. I need more style in my life.


great dress! I am eagerly awaiting your etsy shop. I have been intending to open my own for a while now. doing mostly aprons which I have been making a selling for a little while now. Maybe when you get your shop open it will inspire me to get my bum in gear and do the same! good luck!


what is "etsy"



that dress is incredible. i am excited to see what you put in your etsy shop. i think i am going to have to buy something from you.

kelly mccaleb

oh my gosh it's gorgeous. and i think your etsy shop will be so successful and make you so happy!


even better than i imagined when you told me (and i knew it would be cute then). it's the exposed zipper. without fail, i always love an exposed zipper on a dress.

Shiloh Donkin

that dress is rad. I am very impressed, and quite inspired. I am sad you moved to Utah, I feel you could have been a mentor to me for doing what my mom calls "crazy sewing". Basically anything not completely following the pattern instructions. I have always been inclined to mix and match and sewing "improv" but without support from my mom, it has been a lonely and difficult road to travel. I am very impressed with you. I hope I can be as good and bold as you. And you should definitely do an etsy shop. Great job!


ooh, nice job! i love the colors, and the exposed zipper looks so clean and modern against the white and blue.

looking forward to your etsy shop, even if there are only baby/toddler things. there seem to be babies everywhere, anyway!


you better do it fast, the quicker you do it the quicker you can make boat loads of money. I LOVE your work! I would even buy girl clothing from you and I don't even have a girl. you rock girlfriend. It's awesome you have this new hobby (sewing) blended with you passion and expertise(clothes, fashion). This is a formula for success.

you look awesome and nice job on the dress!


so this is why you haven't called... good reason i guess


Oh love it! Great colors and love the exposed zipper! -kb


I'm hooked. The dress looks fabulous. Although I have to say the pictures don't do it justice, it is even better in real life. You looked absolutely gorgeous on Sunday in that little number, and I totally agree on the exposed zipper, I love love love it. Gorgeous dress for a gorgeous girl/woman.


oh that is so cute! i would buy this.




I would love to buy a little girl dress for dot!


Very cool. Very retro 80s. LOVE.


Once again you have made such a great dress!!! How do you do it? ANd I love the exposed zipper. It's perfect mix of the 60's color block and 80's quirk.


i am hooked!! please, please, start an esty shop!!!


Totally hip dress, wow!


I thought I left a comment on here already, but I guess not. You look so great in this dress! It turned out really well and I love it. (I'm just showing one of my fashion conscious Mia Maids and she's loving it too and in awe that you made it all by yourself!)

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