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April 29, 2008


kelly mccaleb

your house is so cute!! what a great little yard, too. and i'm so obsessed with everything you just posted, i hadn't seen it before. especially that purse. love. and the orange dress. and everything. so inpspiring!


I like simple too. I like your syle.


wait I googled madras, but I don't know what store it is. can we get a link?


super cute, love the colors. ditto the last comment, can you send me the link? -kb


oh sooo good. do they sell this stuff in american dollars.


get to your sewing machine and make that orange dress!

Lindsey Z.

LOVE the Madras stuff. Very cool. Also, congrats on your house! It is SO SO great!


i love that blue dress. the ciss crossy detail thing is lovely.


i thought of you the second i looked at madras. and then i thought of myself and how i want so much of it.


It really pays to read things twice. I first thought you wrote "I might just have to ruin my sewing machine," and I thought, 'oh no, she cursed herself', because the little guy (or girl) is getting a tune up as we speak and also I thought 'why would she want to ruin her sewing machine?' But before posting my concerns I thought to myself, 'wait a minute Tara, perhaps you are being too hasty.' And I was. I tried to add an 'i' when there was no 'i' and tried to make a sentence completely different. But moving on...

Very glad you were able to get the plaid shirt. I know you and you would've been very upset if you hadn't been able to have that. And it's really cute so I also look forward to borrowing it. ;) I LOVE the plaid dress. 'Break' your sewing machine for that one, eh.

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