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April 22, 2008



that is so darling. i hope i can hone in on your sewing skills for my own kids. i look at the price tags on kids' clothes and am always shocked.


I've had my eye on these for a while. Once I motivate myself to start sewing again, I am definitely going to purchase.


Ahhh. so, so cute. I saw this same dress made at the purlbee. I can't wait to try it too. Great job Alysha!


i can't wait to see the little girl wearing it in person. especially with those covered buttons.


I'm totally going to try this in the shorts version. Dotty got some cute fabric for her birthday...


that is really cute!!! now you know we are all expecting alysha made baby gifts when we have kids. right!!!

kelly mccaleb

i'm so glad it turned out so good, no thanks to me! i love it.


oh i just ordered this pattern, i am so excited to try it out! the gingham looks perfect! -kb


So darling! You have great talent!


Hi Alysha! It's Melissa from Banana. I was just thinking about you the other day so I thought I would look you up. You are so cute and talented I wish I was half as creative as you. Plus your family is so cute. It is to bad you had to move back to Utah as soon as I moved. We are in Chicago for grad school. Anyway glad to see you are doing well. If you are interested I have a blog at little-lucas.blogspot.com. Hopefully I will see you soon, Melissa


Oh, Alysha.. such a sweet shout out. I got a little teary eyed remembering how nice it was to have you come and watch the kiddos for a few hours so I could concentrate for a minute!

I LOVE the dress.. it's really so sweet. I'm sure Abby was thrilled.

You'll be happy to hear that Oliver + S is including a few boy items in the fall line, which will make it's debut at Quilt Market in Portland.. in just a few weeks! Finally some patterns for Luke!


Good golly even the pattern is darling. I mean she's holding a little tea cup in the one in the dress you made how freaking cute is that? I answer so very. I am for once happy that I am late to reading this post so that I could see Brooke's response. I totally echo Lysh's comment about Brooke having a blog or something where we can see more of her creativity because this paper doll pattern is just squish worthy cute.

And the dress does look super cute. I love the denim top and then the cute little buttons. You really did a great job. Hopefully Abby will send us pictures of her baby in the dress so we can see it 'in action.'


Alysha it was so good to see you in SLC. You looked so great in the color-blocked dress you had on at the shower. So cute.

And THANK YOU again for the adorable gingham dress you made for my little girl. It is perfect.

I will definitely send pictures of little Miss Low in the dress! I can't wait.

And NICE WORK Brooke on the pattern packaging! I love it.


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