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April 23, 2008



Love, love, love the fabric, good choice! I love the action shot of Luke jumping w/ his cape so proudly. I am jealous of the bracelet, its great!

kelly mccaleb

that cape is to die for. i am adding brown saltwaters this year.


Luke is ADORABLE is his cape. The other day we played super pirate heroes with him in his cape (pajamas and for some odd reason his rubber boots) and me just dressed normally shouting 'arg' and 'let's go' and jumping up and down, as we can not fly so jumping is the closest we can get. I grew tired quite quickly but Luke did not. It was fun. His uncle J would've been so jealous of such a cape when he was younger (and perhaps still).

Yay for movement on Luke's quilt. And the choices you (finally) made were good ones. Can't wait to see it all finished.

I love the bracelet. And you never win things, so it's even cooler. And hip hip to more salt water sandals. They look so pretty on your feet.


love that bracelet and the cape. i love packages too. i need to be better about sending them to friends. i've been working on a good one to send to ikumi. do you remember ikumi? she lives in japan now, so it's hard to think of something cool to send to someone who lives somewhere really cool.


hooray! luke looks so great! so happy to hear he loves it. someday i'll get tired of saying (and typing) this, but we still miss him like crazy.

(and i love everything else too- what a happy week!)


my brother had a similar cape when he was little and loved it a lot too. It's sooo cute to see luke in it.

Shiloh Donkin

hey, where do you get salt water sandals? I have only recently heard of them (through your blog as a matter of fact) and I think they are adorable. Let me know. Thanks.


thanks for hanging out tonight! Sorry to keep you from your hubby for so long.


WOW. those are some great packages! fabric is strangely one of the best things to get in the mail...


Oh! Look at him in his cape. That's fabulous!


I LOVE saltwater sandals. Wore them every summer to death when I was little. Made sure my nieces had them. Got a Navy pair for my 18 month old this summer. Craving a pair for myself! I rarely find anyone who knows what I'm talking about!

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