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April 09, 2008



Those turned out so great! He did a good job!


Awesome pictures. You guys look great!


So lovely that I want to frame and hang them in my house too.


LOVE. And the second one looks album worthy, if you and Tom were to put out an album. (And I love Amy's comment).


those are such great pics of you guys. pete and i need to do something like this. we have too many where he is holding the camera for us.


as I scrolled down I just looked at your picture and really really liked it. as I continued to scroll I saw addie beaneath the couch pouting and then i absolutely LOVED IT.


Wow, what a great photo. We need to do one too! What a handsome family you have... and so hip too!


very cute, i love the chuck theme! also, your dog looks like a cute little toy, what a sweet sad little face. aww. :)

leslie barlow

What a darling family you have! These photos seem to capture your personality well, very modern and classy and tasteful. I love the matching shoes, does that include Luke's too? I often cringe at the idea of family pictures (based on my childhood of course), but a good photographer changes everything. There just may be hope for us yet! :)


So beautiful.. really capture the spirit of the Bean family. I might need to fly Chris out for a quick shoot.


So great! Luke is a doll. Nice Chris!


Fantastic! Love these. I knew you guys were quite cute, but I had no idea Chris was so talented.


Fantastic! Love these. I knew you guys were quite cute, but I had no idea Chris was so talented.


wow- perfect. amazing even the dog is in the shot. that is talent. the red ball looks pefectly places and nice wardrobe choices. love the matching shoes best. i miss you guys.


i've been wondering how these turned out-really really lovely!


cutest family of all time!!!!!!!!!!!

those are really great pictures. you'll have to show some more of them to blogland someday.


La-la-love them!! Just like other people said before me... a good photographer makes all the difference in a good picture vs. a matchy matchy family photo ala 90's style. I hope you know what I mean... Anyway... good looking and stylish folks like yourselves (is that a word?) don't hurt a bit either! :)
P.S. To answer your question... I think we will be coming out west this summer... July I think... I might be there for about a month! We will have to get the cousin kids together!


I like the pictures...very cute!


Oh my goodness!!! I love your family and couple photo! You look so beautiful! One day our family will get around to doing something more professional!


Like everyone else, I think these photos are amazing. What a lovely threesome you are.


those are great.

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