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April 28, 2008



Congratulations! can't wait to see the new digs.


WHAT? You bought a house! Details please!


Great to hear you closed, I want to come check out the place. Love the car!

Shiloh Donkin

Congratulations! oh, to have a house....and car....I love Brooklyn, but I miss normal life. Enjoy it in all its glory.


Wow! How exciting. When are you moving in? Glad to hear your coming to LA too!

Cousin Grant

Cruisers are awesome... Do you remember when we had one like yours?

I'm in town for another 4-5 weeks, we need to get together before I'm back to Italy...


Cousin Grant

Cruisers are awesome... Do you remember when we had one like yours?

I'm in town for another 4-5 weeks, we need to get together before I'm back to Italy...



Those old land cruisers are f'in awesome!
Congratulations on everything!


Driving that huge tank is more fun than I thought it would be. I even had some guys picking up on me because they thought that car was pretty sweet...which it is and I wish it was mine.


congrats on the suv and the house. the land cruiser is awesome and the house looks great! please post more pictures!

leslie barlow

A house and car, now there are two things I took for granted until both gone. Congrats, Alysha! Both look like the perfect fit for your family, plus room to grow. And I love the yard, it's already well groomed! Just in time for summer, I am so excited for you!


Rusty and I saw that car in town the other day and it sparked a conversation about our beloved Beans. We sure miss you guys, but I'm SO thrilled about your new house. Hopefully we'll see it at Thanksgiving :) Also, even though I never comment, do know that I check your blog at least every week. Hugs OOOoooOOO0000oooo


love the car. we always see those and wish we knew how to fix up cars enough to buy one.

and congrats on the house! that's so wonderful.


Are you in already? Luke looks totally at home on the lawn.

Tania Farr

Congratulations on your new house.It's sooo cute.I am happy for you guys.


YEEEE HAAAAAAWWWW!!! super duper exciting news! Congratulations to you all.


your pictures always look so nice. Luke is so cute. your house is so cute. we wanna move into your neighborhood.


i'm so behind! congratulations again. i'm excited for the day when i can sit and watch our kids run around on that lawn together.


Congratulations on the yard...on the house and car and everything else too...but a yard?! Color me jealous. I'm glad to see everything is going well in UT. Have fun!


yay! when can we come over to play in the grass?


I'm excited for you guys! Hope you have fun getting settled in and that you enjoy all your space and green grass.


Hip hip for the gas guzzler. It's so cool. And since I don't have to pay for all that gas, and I'm not dating Leonardo DiCaprio (yet), it's still so cool. Awesome color. Awesome jumpy jeep feel as you ride the freeway. Love IT. It was your dream car and I am so happy you got it.

Hip hip to the brand new house. It's so cute and it is FINALLY YOURS (that is the best part). Plus it has the added bonus of coming from a great previous owner. I can't wait to see what you'll do to the place, even if it's with a smaller budget, you'll no doubt but a hip spin on it and make that place truly your own.

And finally hip hip hip hooray for the back yard. It's so fun. Luke loves it and it'll be so nice to just go out there and relax, let Luke do that thing he does best, AKA run around and around and around, while you can sit in the sun, or not, and not, your choice. And you no longer have to zip up, leash up Addie, grab a bag for the poopies, multiple times a day, you can let her out whenever she pleases.

And yay that I can visit without it costing me my entire paycheck (though I won't come home with any new clothes). I know it's no NY, but having you here is my blessing and if I occasionally need to dress up as the brooklyn bridge or 'her' to remind you of the good ole' days, I'll do it, because I truly treasure having you here (and your little family) on a now more permanent basis. You give me light. Hooray.


Wow. This is big news. Very excited for you. I know you make the place beautiful, you have such an eye! I am sure you'll adjust nicely to the extra space. I am in a bit of shock about the gaz guzzler with prices so high, but hey, what can you do it's a great car!


yay!!! I LOVE IT!

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