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May 06, 2008



Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE smocked dresses! Now I just need to figure out how to make my own!


the tie, the tie! and i'd actually like to buy it. (i never win drawings.)


I want these! Either or. And I'm telling ya'll, I've seen these two masterpieces. They are even cuter in person.


First of all- wow, you are crazy girl. Second of all, count me in- love both of those cute Alysha orignals.

Lindsey Z.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! It is SO cute! I want to put in in my {hope-I-get-to-have-a-baby-one-of these-years} chest.

I can't believe that you are making 25 of those! That is a lot! What boutique are you going to be in? Beehive Bazaar?

wannabe urban housewife

My son or daughter would look lovely in either one of those!


Oh my word, that tie is cute! My son would love it.


Comment. Comment. Comment. Comment. This is me commenting. Is it weird that I want to win something that you are making when I neither have a baby girl or a baby boy AND we live in the same house thus I am seeing the work in progress? Kind of. But it's true what my darling Whit said, they are even cuter in person. I said so this morning, well not the 'in person' part because I was there in person, and Lysh said to comment and I could win one, so this is me commenting. But as much as I would love to win (cause I never do) I would love to see one of your Brooklyn Bean readers (especially those lurkers) win one. So comment people!


you know which one I would want! I'll post on my blog, although that isn't saying much...


Thought this would be a good time to say hi -- I found your blog via Kelly M's.

(I really have no need for either of the giveaways, though - let someone else have a shot at them.)

Laura Suman

so cute! count me in!


They are both so cute! I've been smocking for years and used to make dresses for others too. I never had to smock 7 dresses in 7 days. Good luck and may the force be with you!!!


I love reading your blog. You have a great sense of style, and I enjoy everything you seem to come up with. :)

Count me in for the drawing. How fun! My little man (just turned 3) would love to have a new tie for church, but if I won the dress instead, I know I could find some cute little friend of ours to wear it. Both are adorable!


Pick me Pick me! I love Alysha originals. Those dresses look so amazingly cute.


very cute! I'd take either one. The tie would be perfect for my boy... but who knows... maybe someday I'll have a girl!


My 8 mo old Carmen would absolutely adore one of these dresses. I am a quilter by nature and never dabble in clothing. I still have an unfinished pair of flannel pajama bottoms I tried making myself 5 years ago! HAH! I enjoy your blog.

Jen Skousen

Comment! Jackson would look SMASHING in that tie...and Sydney and Kate could share a dress...so we're definitely in! You're awesome! 25 dresses in a week. WOW! I would love to find the time to do just one at this point. :) Sydney ADORES the one I made at our little sewing club.


Go Alysha, go! Best of luck!!! They are darling.


So cute!


yay! I hope I win!!!!!


They are both so cute!!!


Samantha Lee

I'd move back to Utah to come to your booth at the bazaar! (Okay, maybe not yet, but I'd sure love the tie for my little 5 year old guy!) Cinnamon roll recipe is on its way.

leslie barlow

What mom is not picturing her kids, real or imaginary, in those outfits? Soooooo cute! Count me in.


I agree with the comment reg. the hope chest! I would love to stash the dress away for (hopefully) only a few months/years and get a look at the smocking in the meantime. Thanks for a great blog!


I need that tie.. please Alysha. Cash would look so dapper in it. And Ruby would look so cute in the dress. Come on, pick me!

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