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May 15, 2008



so you have one now? or are getting one soon? is it a surger? oh love to the surger.


no way! how is it that even japanese sewing machines look that much cooler than all the others.

and it has a serger? i bet it's like christmas for you!


yay! I just got one too! It did cut my sewing time down! the only thing is I'm a little addicted and want to serge everything!! enjoy!


Hi. My name is Kylee and I love your blog. I actually know your sister Tara from Nate Fackrell. Im married to his youngest brother. I just thought I would say Hi and that I admire your creativity and sewing talents!

p.s. cool juki-I want one! :)


so jealous.


ooooh! congratulations! soooo jealous! i want to know how you end up liking it!


So exciting! I can't see what magic Mr. Juki delivers! -kb


Hi Alysha,

Can I send my address via email? My email is stuartandbrooke@yahoo.com. Thanks again for the prize!



that's funny i just dusted off my serger for elsa's blessing dress. haven't used it in years... so hard to adjust the numbers to get the stitch length back. luckily my sister was in town- she makes super rad leotards.

btw i'm impressed you know how to smock


so jealous.


Hey Mr. Juki! Also while we are writing letters to you can you, while staying threaded, find the time to help Alysha make something for me? I'm not picky... I mean I totally am, but for this letter you don't need to know that. But really what I want most from you is what Alysha wants. Stay threaded and make nice pretty and fast seams. Cause then when she has this extra time on her hands.... yeah she'll never have extra time on her hands.

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