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October 04, 2007



I wish I could buy your Apartment!! I love, Love, LOVE it!! Good luck with the new strategy.

I also really love your choices in SLC! Where is the one that is the better house in the "less-desirable" local? Sugarhouse is SUCH a great area to be... but most of the houses there are on the smaller side. Hmmmmm what to do?!

Laura Suman

Ok - I love both of those homes in Utah. So cute. It's hard living in a place so expensive when I see that kind of potential elsewhere. We love living here and just hope that homeownership is in our future. It doesn't even have to be near future...
Anyway, exciting possibilities and dreams!


Good luck working with a realtor. Corcoran is a good choice. :)
Both those houses are great. It's fun to dream isn't it?


The bigger house is on the south side of I-80. Still in Sugarhouse, just not on a tree lined street.


I'm just going to pretend I didn't see the **. Sad that the market isn't supporting you & your asking price. How rude. I hope you sell, even if you **. It's true though, both places seem great, for different reasons & both have draw backs as would any house I guess. Dilemma indeed.


I have been looking in Utah county for the past few months and have not seen either of those homes. We are thinking of moving back or to Oregon or Colorado. Your right about finding homes in Provo- a lot of tlc and quirky neighborhoods. There are a good amount of homes out there though.


ok, so when is it going to be on their site? it will be so good to let someone else do (some of) the worrying and work.

always go for the bigger place, right? that way you won't get stuck having to move when you really don't want to because your favorite people in all the world live right down the avenue. and what a beautiful avenue it is. . . but, i'm sure when the time comes the right house will pop up and all your real and dreamed furniture will look great in it.


Love the second one! I too am a fan of all things modern and this one has great potential! Where is it located?


Have you already come to Salt Lake and gone back to NY? Bummer, I was hoping to see you! House hunting sucks, but if you see potential somewhere, I say go for it. Even if it takes forever to fix, at least you've got the space and time to work on it.

P.S. The second house seems very you.

sara Stratford

come on! just sell your place and move up to westchester. it's where all the fun is!

i do love those houses though. i hate looking at homes for sale in utah and colorado and realizing we could be in a mansion (or Mcmansion) for what we are paying now. why do i torture myself?


your hair looks rad.

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