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October 25, 2007



where'd you find it?


Hooray! What a relief. Your ring is gorgeous, it completely suits you. (We have the same cut of stone, mark of class, no?)


I am glad you found it! I once misplaced my ring too. I felt sick to my stomach the entire time is was gone.


My sweetie lost his ring a while back. He had NO idea how it had gotten lost. It was missing about 6 months- then I found it. I kept it a secret for a couple of weeks and then gave it to him for Christmas. It's funny how losing HIS ring made me so sad. We had gotten a repacement ring but it still wasn't HIS ring. We were both so glad to find it. :) Glad that you found yours!


When I worked at the hotel all those years, I ran into a lady with a gorgeous HUGE rock and I commented on it. She said that she lost her original ring and didn't have the heart to tell her husband so she bought a CZ in the same cut. He never found out!


Tom actually found it. Shoved way back in one of our very unorganized cabinets. He was going to surprise me with it but after showing me the other stuff he found, I had to ask, and he couldn't hold off. It was still a surprise to me though!


I recently found my wedding ring after it was missing for several weeks. It is such an amazing feeling to find it once you've resigned yourself to the fact it is gone for good. Its funny how so many feelings are tied to such a small object. So glad you found yours!


I bet you were so relieved. That is the best feeling when you find something that has been missing for a long time.


Oh my heavens I have A LOT of catching up to do. Question. Have you fallen in love with your husband all over again, or your ring? I kid. (kind of). I'm glad you, or rather Tom, found it. Now it will be safe resting side by side with Tom's wedding ring in the bathroom, where the two can grow old together in true wedded bliss.

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