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October 15, 2007



Hello fellow haircut person. So sweet. Lily just got potty trained and I felt like a crazy person being so excited for my big girl and so sad once I realized we didn't need any more Huggies.


Okay stop already. The tears are rolling down the cheek. Isn't that the truth! They are so frustrating but you learn so much and love them even more through serving them continuously. I am sad you are gone. Thanks for coming by today. I hope to see you here permanantly. Next time, we could play the name game at chucky cheese and play while the kids are in the balls.


Oh sad! You look forward to new milestones in their lives and then when they pass you get sad. So we want more babies to go through it all over again!


So cute and tender...sounds like you need another baby.

leslie barlow

That alone is the reason my girls still have clothes that fit 6 monthers in their drawers....Forget packing, just get a bigger dresser!! :)
I'm with you. I'm totally in denial that babies turn into toddlers and then kids. Mine are still babies in my mind though coming up on two and a half!


I didn't get to see you, but I did get to see Luke. we had a wonderful little trip around the block in the wagon together.


Aw. As I sit here trying to keep this same growing boy occupied I too get a bit emotional when thinking of him growing up. And as much as I want you to have another baby, and as you well know, I really really do, he or she will never be baby Lukey, so while the next baby will undoubtedly be adorable & have so many things we'll grow to love, little Lukey and his full mouth kisses will sadly grow up & learn real words & one day ask me to stop calling him "Lukey." I don't look forward to it. I say this as he is throwing himself on the floor in a fit of rage at not being able to go outside. Yet still, I love that little boy.

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