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October 11, 2007



I have never seen it but reading your description and seeing that picture freak me out enough. Obviously, I am not a scary movie fan.


Okay so we PERMANANTLY scarred Stryder with this movie when he was like 3 years old. Why you say did we let a 3 year old watch this. Well... me, my mom and sisters wanted to watch a creepey show during the Halloween season years ago and picked up Poltergeist fogetting how scary it really was (well... most of it). So we thought maybe it would go over Stryder's head and he would be okay.

NOT SO!! Ever since he has had a TERRIBLE fear of lightning and thunder, will NOT ride any "theme" rides that are dark and you are inside a building, HATES scary stories, being home alone and many other fears -- OH and he is 14 now and still dealing with some of these scars! Are we the meanest or what!!

But we all have felt really bad ever since. I think he is going to be okay though!! He is starting to overcome some of it! :)

P.S. Have you seen any of the other Poltergeists? I can't remember how many there are... 2 more maybe. A little scarry, a lot silly!!


During the movie I thought this is not really that scary now that I am 29 years old. Well I came home after seeing the movie and was a little creeped out.


Yeah well I think it's still totally creepy despite not seeing it in many many years & I will not see it for many many years just to keep the creep alive. Who knew kitchen chairs standing on the table could scare the crap out of you? Holy banana peels I hated that movie.


I love scary movies!!! My favorite is Rosemary's Baby if you haven't seen it you've gotta! Or there's the movie The changeling that's another good one. I love Poltergeist! I still afraid at times of some doll being under my bed.


This movie gave me nightmares for years...I don't know that I'm willing to brave it again.


i'm sticking with watcher in the woods.


Okay so this is comment #2 for me on this post, but I had to comment again because someone above mentioned the movie The Changeling!! WHOA that movie scared me SO BAD as a pre-teen/teenager!! VERY creepy!

But one of those shows that you see as an adult and it sort of comical... so much more fun when it was scary!! :) For those of you that have seen it -- how scary is the ball bouncing down the stairs and the run-away wheelchair!!! AHHHH! The memories of a bunch of 13 year old girls screaming in the basement are coming back!! :)

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