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April 17, 2008



This is embarrassing but if Alysha can admit that she cries every time Baby dances at the end of 'Dirty Dancing' then I should be able to admit that I seem to be a sucker for two Bette Midler movies. Yes that's right, I said Bette Midler (Tom). First we have the infamous 'Beaches' and I'm sorry but how can you NOT cry when she sings 'you are the wing beneath my wings' as her best friend (SPOILER ALERT) dies (perhaps that doesn't necessarily happen at the exact time, but it sure conjures up a swell of emotions for me) and CC (that's Bette) agrees to raise Hilary's daughter. Ah the tears. The tears. And if you don't own the soundtrack to that movie, you really are missing out. You could cry for hours.

My second Bette Midler cry fest is one probably less seen but just as brutally heartbreaking, for me. 'Stella.' Oh my goodness did that movie, and the many times I saw it (because yes for some reason in our family we tended to watch the same movies over and over), make me literally bawl. I mean go into the bathroom, lock the door, and crawl up next to the toilet (which in retrospect is actually quite gross) and bawl, bawl. Tears would not stop. Stella raised her daughter after John Goodman left her, or at least this is what I'm remembering, and then suddenly for reasons I can't remember (SPOILER ALERT) at the very end she can't even attend her own daughter's wedding. So she stand's outside and watches from afar. Oh the heartbreak. Sobs and snot everywhere, from me, not the movie. I tell you Bette Midler can really get you good.

And I totally didn't even do the obvious 'Titanic' (SPOILER ALERT) when Rose cries out for Jack "the boat, the boat Jack"... "come back" (her voice crackling) come back" whistle... no I didn't.

Oh wait. One more. This is getting long, but I do believe this is the only movie I can recall ever crying in as much as I did 'Stella'. 'Finding Neverland.'


This is embarassing, but the first time I saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon I sobbed like a baby at the end. I remember trying to hide my tears from Jeremy but my plan backfired and I ended up sputtering like an idiot.

And I'm pretty sure I've seen Jeremy cry during a recent episode of Lost. What a lightweight.


The very last scene of both these movies.....Seabiscuit (one of my all-time faves) when Tobey Maguire gallops over the finish line, ....the look on his face, the music, the horse....oh, the tears! And Monsters, Inc., at the end when Sully goes back into Boo's room and she says, "kitty!" A huge smile spreads across his face. The voice is just so innocent and precious-vaclemped! It gets me every time.

P.S. I cry at the end of almost every movie. It comes easily to me.


Okay, so this is the post that gets me to post.
I ALWAYS cry when I watch 'Forrest Gump'. EVERY time, without fail. Especially the scenes with Jenny and the last 1/2 hour is the worst.
Next up, 'Steel Magnolias'. Damn, that one gets to every time as well. I saw it in the movie theatres when I was pretty young. 'The Little Mermaid' was sold out so we snuck into magnolias and I was hooked from then. The parts at the end when Shelby dies...damn.

Anyway, I love reading your blog. Good times!


Before having my son I was made of stone. Nothing would get to me. Now I can cry at the top of the head. Two movies that I can think of and make me cry are The Family Stone and The Champ. The last one is from seventies and it is the best one ever. It is with young Ricky Schroeder and he is amazing in it. I can't rent it anymore as I am a mess after seeing it.
Love your blog.


i cry at 1. dumbo, 2. bambi, 3. you've got mail. i can make myself cry just thinking of the words to "baby mine" from dumbo. ohhh, so sad. brandon cries at very manly movies like braveheart and lord of the rings (the end, when sam talks about the cute girl he would have married). it's not weird at all, and yeah it's probably hormonal, haha.


K, I'm almost peeing my pants..laughing so hard. Not about the fact that you cry in movies...we all do that-it's the explanation of your sobs thats killing me. You are so funny! I especially loved how you described dirty dancing.."it's powerful." I miss you!


Andy Kaufman dies at the end? Well thanks a lot... another Jim Carrey masterpiece spoiled by a Bean! Now we've all got something to cry about.


I will not watch "all dogs go to heaven" ever again

I will not watch "Titanic" ever again (I mean how can they drag you on for three hours and then have him die in the end.)

I also will never watch something like "sophie's choice."

I don't like crying.


Okay, so this has nothing to do with the post. I'm sorry! I tried to find your email somewhere on the blog but I couldn't and I just had to write because I think we just switched lives! We moved to Brooklyn just a few weeks ago from Utah. And my "I'm sad about living here posts" are almost identical to yours only about Brooklyn instead of Utah even to the point of having a post about being sad and watching Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars! It's so crazy. I feel totally overwhelmed here. I like it a lot but I don't know anyone. If you have any advice I'd love to get some help! I'm an editor/photographer so I work from home and it's so hard to meet people here. I know I'll get the hang of it soon, but it's just such a hard transition.
Okay, I'll stop rambling now!



A round of huzzahs for the LOTR reference coupled with a Star Wars reference in one post. You're brave, I would be too scared of those lying in wait to serve up a mean wedgie if I had posted my nerdery as boldly as you.

I couldn't agree more with your sentiments about Boromir, he is by far the most relateable character in that series. I won't wax on about this as you said it best.

nice list.


I don't know about movies, but little kids singing always makes me cry. I don't even have to know any of them, either.

Does that count?


When I am pregnant I cry at everything.. I saw the movie Elf when I was pregnant and you know the end where all the people in Central Park start singing and then Santa's sleigh lifts up and he flies up up up and away. John looked over at me and I was bawling, and every time I have seen that movie since, I get a little teary eyed during that scene.


i love this: "maybe it's my love for obi wan, or the hot lava. . ."

i cry at everything all the time. it's embarrassing and sometimes i think symptomatic of some emotional deficiency. . . but the crying is really bad if a parent or child dies- i can't take it and bawl my eyeballs out.

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