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May 13, 2008



super cute stuff. i look forward to ordering a tie for Liam.


alysha - you are so talented! i can't wait for your shop to open. elliot's going to have the best looking ties of any little boy in salem.


Very cute. Can't wait for your store to open!

Lindsey Z.

Yeah! SO cute! And I am also so excited for you to open a store! I will be able to shop from afar!


I can't decide what fabric will look best on Dot- but I'm thinking blue. can't wait.

kelly mccaleb

i love your tags the best! good work!


wow - that's a lot of dresses and ties! Is your shop going to be on etsy or somewhere else? I'm excited to see all your cute things!


Yes, do let us know where the shop will be. I already want a plaid tie- second in from the left in the tie picture. It is really, really exciting that your business is so legit. I plan on being a repeat customer until you disclose where your tie pattern comes from. The crocheted one I made for Ez keeps twisting, very annoying. xo


i'm so bummed i missed out on your lil' challenge from last week. i love smocked dresses. i wish i could still wear them.

can't wait to see your shop. i think izzy needs some of your style.


how cute are you? so happy you finished everything!!

leslie barlow

Oh my gosh, Alysha I can't wait! I love the fabrics you have chosen, I may order two of every dress (don't say I didn't warn you). Thank you for giving us something cute to think about in all this Austin heat!!


officially obsessed!!!


officially obsessed!!!


whoa awesome! ok wait do you have the shop up and running on etsy??? I am so reay to but a lot of ties and send zane off to church the best looking boy in the town!


ps you should make some cool boy totes and t-shirts. you SO can own the boy market in cool fashion. there is a major void.

and curtains. you could pull together some killer boy curtains.

matching pillow cases.

your girl stuff is awesome, too, of course, but boy is my focus so pardon my spaz on your boy goods. ;)


So awesome and inspiring!


Can I put an order in for a plaid tie for Cash? You can bring it with you when you come to visit me in a few weeks! Tom, I love the labels.. nice work you guys!


Kudos TOM!!! I LOVE IT!

Alysha-- that was ALOT of work. You will have some nice inventory for your little store.


Cute stuff Lysh! Love the dresses and ties, the labels are so great, love em!


Help! You used to have smocking instructions on your site and I can't find them anymore ... are they available? It was so helpful.


those ties are darling!!


those ties are darling!!


wow! congratulations, this was a huge accomplishment! -kb


There are never enough little boy goods anywhere! Those ties are darling...


hallelujah. lucas jude needs a real man tie. i better go learn how to tie one and you better get sewing because i'm going to order a million of them.
i found my way here from "my happy little life" and will be back again and again.
love, lindsay

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