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July 22, 2008



i'm a fan of anything with the word "delight" in the name. i can't wait to make the real version of this- i've only had it brooklyn style w/o the coconut pudding. . . but the berry trifle is officially in the top five of my favorite desserts.

and, i bought the most recent marie claire yesterday just because it had maggie on the cover and maggie makes me think of you. i miss you!


Hi! I hopped to your blog one day from Katie's (I liked your title) and since then I've checked out your shop and plan on ordering some things this week or next. You have great things; you and Katie are inspiring me to learn how to use my sewing machine!
I wanted to ask you the same question I asked Katie- what lense do you use on your camera? You guys both get such great shots.

Take care and thanks!


I've never had, apparently I am not at the right parties.


mmm. i will try this. and how cool of jenny to mention you over on wiksten again! "you're the meaning in her life... you're the inspiration..."


Seriously. Why is everyone posting dessert recipes tonight?! They all look SO yummy!!


Yum, I think we need to re-subscribe to our recipe exchange. This one would be a hit. Missed you tonight!


Yum this is really delightful. So much so that if you don't get to it fast enough you don't get any, such as the case was for me when I went searching for some
and found none. None delight. I was sad. Still am.


Hi!!! I just copied this for my recipe collection. You always make the best desserts.

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