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July 18, 2008



i have no idea who andrew bird is but i absolutely love your skirt and wish that if i bought one that it would look as good on me as it does on you. even if i weren't 7 months pregnant i wouldn't be that cute in it!


Love the skirt, quickly running to take my measurements! I just spent way to much $$ in NY, but hey that skirt is a classic! I really admire your ability! Amazing!


I didn't see Andrew Bird. I am a party pooper, but I was very jealous 1- that Luke played with andy all night 2- that was haning out with you all and I wasn't.
it was my own choice however.


what the heck!!!! no custom orders? how are you going to sell that very skirt? no one is as skinny as you. You should keep that one for your self and allow for custom orderes. SO THERE!


cute skirt! good inspiration! oh, andrew bird... how i love that boy. for once i wished i was there instead of here. sigh.

Andy Bean

When you do become Andrew Bird I'll be your back up band.


I love that skirt it looks fabulous on you, I think you need one in every color.


Hi there, I found your blog from my sister-in-law Laura (novak) Suman. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your stuff. You are quite talented and skilled. I'm a sewer too and you creations have inspired me to work on some projects I've been putting off.
Have you heard of Wardrobe Refashion? I took the 2 month pledge and have been loving it:

I know I'm totally random here, but if you'd like to see my sewing blog you can find it here:

Thanks for making cool stuff and posting it for all to see!

Alicia A.

Oh, how I love Andrew...


love it, love it, love it!! the fabric is perfect.
and i too love andrew bird. we were trying to make it out the UT to go to the concert. i heard it was AMAZING!

Marti Dumas

soooo cute!!!


lysh, that fabric and skirt could not be any cuter. with the red tennys?! and i'm annoyed with how great you look. at me, not you.


Katie, I'm annoyed too. But I'm not as nice as you, I'm annoyed at Alysha for looking so fab in her cute tennis shoes (really making me think I need a pair) and her skirt that is just perfect on her. As sisters it's totally justified to be annoyed when they other one always looks flawless and (has such annoyingly perfect tanned skinny legs) has this talent to make such cute clothes. I don't know where the rule book is that says it's fair to be & think this way, but I know that if I search hard enough, I am bound to find it. Alysha you look fantastic. And if I wore skirts, I would totally buy this, but then I'd always be like "but it's so much cuter on you" and well we can't have that kind of negative energy flowing between us, can we.


very nice...
you are a woman of many talents and many mutual friends.

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