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August 31, 2008



I love your little neatly wrapped packages of bread. Honestly, there is nothing I love more than anything cutely packaged. It's one of my things. Where did you get your baker's twine? Mine is red and white like that but so much thinner... I like the thicker one that you have used. (Too bad I have a 8 lb. spool of it :) Oh well, it's still cute.

Glad to see you around Blogger-town again. You have been missed. We went into the city yesterday and ate at Max Brenner... whoa chocolate... I was in heaven!


yum, cornbread. i used to get cornbread with my lunch in elementary school. it was a staple in the south. however, you have to watch out if you eat it at a soul food place. they like to put chitlins (sp?) in it sometimes.


it was such a treat to get to have some on SUNDAY!!!! yippieee


wow. i am way too excited for that recipe to be posted. . .


Welcome back. I'm finding that new transitions tend to absorb all my old patterns. Good luck with the blog move. :D


Congrats on the new home and welcome back! Good luck with all of the transitions!


welcome back, you've bee missed!
andi's cornbread recipe is the BEST. almost a desert it is so delicious.
good luck getting settled and finding a balance. i wish i had advice to share...


I miss you.


amy p. and i need that recipe. ASAP!

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