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August 05, 2008



when i'm feeling thin and not like i have 'baby fat', nothing beats the BR.

and that top old navy shirt is the best thing ever. as a mom, it's sometimes nice to have a reason to dress up.

Marti Dumas

Cute outfits! You should start a personal shopping buiness! I have a client who has a lady shop for her and put outfits together! I am positive there is a market for that here. You would be perfect for it!


your style is impeccable, alysha. no matter how old it is.

i'm impressed you could go back to retail, because it is certainly not an easy profession. i didn't do clothing, but books. customers and employees can sure burn you out.


your style is impeccable, alysha. no matter how old it is.

i'm impressed you could go back to retail, because it is certainly not an easy profession. i didn't do clothing, but books. customers and employees can sure burn you out.


My one complaint, is why must you cut off your head? It really only adds to your outfits as your head is something that is actually quite beautiful and I miss it when I don't get to see it. But all of these outfits, so jealous. You make putting together clothes and making them into outfits, look easy, which maybe for some it is, but it isn't for me. I really wish I had gone to Old Navy because I WANT that top in the first picture. Want want want. Though it looks so perfect on you it wouldn't be the same even if I got it. And pairing it with that slimming skirt and those shoes, oh my love. You look sexy (and again even sexier with your head not chopped off, cause I saw you with your head).

I love that APC shirt. It's just so very 'you.' Hah, I love that you stole back pants from mom. That's also very 'you.'

Man on man I NEEED that sweater from Old Navy. It's not even a want, it's a NEED. You are actually making me want to get ready for work. Well, almost.

I don't think I've seen the gap current top, but I like it. You really do have a talent and I always wish that you would just buy me things (I would of course reimburse you) because I almost always want whatever it is you have. But I wouldn't look nearly as sexy and beautiful as you because you are sexy and beautiful. Always.

I too am impressed that you've been able to ease back into working retail so smoothly, as I don't know if I could ever handle it again, and I didn't even progress pass the 'fitting room' (maybe that's why), but I'm glad that it gives you a reason to want to get dressed up. Lukey sure misses you (as he cries for you more often than not) as you miss him, but at least in the mean time you've got some new clothes on you that look good.


ok sorry to comment again but i think if i had the money i'd employ you as a personal shopper.


all very cute! my favorite is the vertical stripe sweater paired with the skirt and teal-ish flats. i am coveting those shoes!


now you know how i feel. working full time... and unable to sew as much as you'd like.

i used to enjoy getting dressed. but i've been working full time for the past 13 years, so i'm always a bit burned out by the selection in my closet. seems like even brand new things get old after a few weeks. glad you're having fun. maybe this will inspire me to rearrange my closet... and mix and match more (though i feel like i've matched every possible shirt with every possible skirt/pants available and i've accesorized each outfit to death!) on the positive side, i do have 2 skirts (wrap-arounds inspired by you) that i need to finish! maybe that's why i sew. because i've been getting dressed for work for so long, that i need something fun to wear to motivate me to go day after day! it makes me tired just thinking about it. 13 years of full time employment!?! yikes.

Lindsey Z.

I love the red striped sweater and the teal shoes outfit the BEST! I wish I had great legs so that I could wear cute skirts like that!


you need to come help me with my wardrobe (or lack of) - you look so cute in each picture. wow.


very cute, and sad. no more stay at home mom :(

Kelly H

these are some really great outfits.
I don't really understand why you can't wear denim. I could see maybe no jeans, but a nice pair of denim trouser style pants or a nice denim skirt... why the heck not?


well. i just stopped by because i was sad i only got to see you for like 10 seconds in utah, and i was so stressed about the flight/etc. i couldn't even enjoy it, and now i'm obsessing about your clothes. all these outfits are so freaking cute. i'm envious of the maxi dress too... apparently i need to get my butt to target. usually i'm there like 3x per week, but my habits are greatly different when i'm at my parents house.

i need you to come visit me and tell me how to put cute outfit together. or just tell me what to buy!


i love love love your outfits. wish you could send them over to me....

good luck at work!

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